Stobox Company

An award-winning company that provides technology and consulting to help clients leverage digital assets and tokenized securities.

Stobox products and services

A comprehensive solution to streamline all operations with security tokens.
The decentralized secondary market for security tokens unlocked. Unique DeFi liquidity solution for security tokens and crypto-assets. DS Swap provides security tokens issuers the solution to manage liquidity pools and automated market-making functionality.
Consulting for security token offerings. We offer a set of technology tools as well as industry and legal expertise in the fields of fintech and digital securities.
Transform your business with Stobox digital asset consulting. Crypto assets open opportunities to increase customer loyalty and community engagement, reach new audiences, launch creative business models, facilitate business funding, and much more.
Comprehensive consulting services on legal issues for digital assets and tokenization. The digital asset industry is exploding and provides excellent business opportunities. However, to seize them and avoid legal risks, you need to consult with experts.

Key points

Since 2018, Stobox developed a series of blockchain-based products, conducted 55,000+ hours of research, advised numerous clients, and built partnerships in 10+ countries.
Stobox exists at the intersection of traditional finance and crypto and strives to enable businesses to implement decentralized technologies, simplify operations with digital assets, and remove obstacles to their adoption.
  • Tokenization clients - 30+
  • Number of STOs live - 6
  • Number of STOs reached hard cap - 1
  • Team - 70+
  • Founding Year - 2018
Invest in Stobox Technologies Inc. Class-B shares security tokens.
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