What Stobox does

As we recently realized some people no idea what we do, what our goals are, and how we differ from a million other projects in the fin-tech area, we decided to publish some user-friendly posts here.

What is a Security Token?

A security token represents some external tradeable asset in the blockchain world. It may stand for real estate (Stobox`s client Landshare), company stock (Stobox), precious materials, etc.
Key points of Security Tokens are as follows:
  • They are strictly regulated.
  • Some of them assume a lock-up, and it's impossible to trade them just after buying.
  • High security. There are fewer chances to come across scams while investing in security tokens.

What is a Utility Token?

Utility tokens, as the name shows, offer you some functionality, but they can usually be used inside one project’s ecosystem.
You can use utility tokens to:
  • Receive some service (book a hotel worldwide).
  • Use them as means of payment inside the ecosystem (you can buy STBX with STBU).
  • Pay gas fee on the platform (you can choose to pay gas with STBU on DS Swap).
  • Have some benefits (discounted commission, etc.).

What is the difference between security and utility tokens?

Security tokens = companies’ shares
  • Any securities (equity, bonds, revenue share…).
  • For private or public companies.
  • Highly regulated.
  • They can give you dividends depending on the offering.
  • They can give you voting rights depending on the offering.
  • Purchase limits apply.
  • Can be listed on CEX or DEX.
Utility tokens = crypto, tokens of the ecosystem
  • Low regulated in most countries.
  • KYC is required on most exchanges to trade according to FATF.
  • DEX is a KYC-free option to trade.
  • No purchase limits apply.
  • Allow receiving services or goods inside one ecosystem.
  • Have some benefits or preferences.
  • They can be listed anywhere.

What are STBX and STBU?

STBU and STBX are tokens that are issued by Stobox.
  • STBX is a security token, a tokenized dividend share of the US company Stobox Technologies Inc. You can buy STBX via DS Dashboard after registration and passing KYC.
  • STBU is a utility token that you can use in the Stobox ecosystem, participate in company activities, and get benefits. You can buy STBU on DS Swap and

What benefits can you get from STBX?

Security tokens have big potential in the red crypto market, as they are backed by real assets and give certain rights to investors.
STBX is a security token (shares) of Stobox Technologies Inc. — a private company. Here are the benefits you get from it:
  • Dividend share
  • You can expect price appreciation if the company develops well
  • Closed community
  • Enhanced quarter and annual reporting
We manage STBX purchases via our own product DS Dashboard. We will explain this solution in detail in our upcoming posts.
Stobox is a new Tesla in the financial market! In the last 4 years, we delivered what everybody was talking about!

What benefits can you get from STBU?

From the previous articles, you know that STBU is a Utility Token of Stobox company.
If you hold STBU, you can:
  • Pay commissions on Stobox DS Swap.
  • Buy Stobox services and products.
  • Open a functionality of creating a liquidity pool in DS Swap.
  • Participate in the company engagement activities.
Stobox believes in community-driven business and benefits its members!

So what are STBX and STBU?

STBU and STBX are tokens that are issued by Stobox.
  • STBX is a security token, a tokenized dividend share of the US company Stobox Technologies Inc. You can buy STBX via DS Dashboard after registration and passing KYC.
  • STBU is a utility token you can use in the Stobox ecosystem, participate in company activities, and get benefits. You can buy STBU on DS Swap and

What is STO?

STO stands for a Security Token Offering. STO is a compliant digital crowdfunding campaign running to fundraise or distribute company shares to existing investors. STO is a very regulated process that runs under security laws.
From the company's perspective:
  • Consulting (defining type of the security/corporate structure/regulation).
  • Legal (preparing all necessary legal docs).
  • Technical onboarding (deployment of the DS Dashboard).
  • Marketing (marketing of your STO).
  • Secondary market (ability to buy or sell shares).
The main idea is to fundraise globally and have a community-driven business rather than attract 1 cheque from a big investment that will have a big influence.
From the investor’s perspective:
  • Register on the technical platform.
  • Check the company details.
  • Verify identity.
  • Sign a Security Token Purchase Agreement.
  • Purchase shares.
  • Become the official investor and shareholder of the company.
The main idea is to allow investors to participate in our offering from $1.000 and benefit from it.
Before proceeding to STO, companies must run a huge volume of work, and this step may take 3 to 5 months.
You can check the Stobox STO offering and test how it works -

I am confused. I thought you were a crypto company

Yes and No, as Gene Deyev (our CEO) says.
Stobox is a blockchain-based FinTech company that builds a digital assets ecosystem and that includes different products in different directions.
Stobox work in 3 directions:
  1. 1.
    Tokenization & Security tokens: we help private companies with turn-key solutions for primary and secondary issuance of tokenized securities. It includes Consulting, Legal, DS Dashboard, and DS Swap. As you know, we have STBX security tokens representing shares of Stobox Technologies Inc.
  2. 2.
    Digital Assets & Cryptocurrencies: We help other businesses implement innovative business models using Web3 technologies. As you know, we have an STBU utility token which is a native token of the Stobox products. In addition, we work and partner with different crypto projects such as Elrond and MMPRO.
  3. 3.
    Conferences and Education: we constantly publish educational posts and videos about tokenization & crypto, and how it changes the world and drives the industry forward. In fact, we are the most active tokenization provider. We published on Cointelegraph, Benzinga,, NDT US TV, etc. In addition, we organize our own conferences that are supported by speakers from NASDAQ, LSEG. And last but not least point, we work closely with regulators around the world to help to implement laws related to security tokens.
So, Stobox exists at the intersection of traditional finance and crypto and strives to enable businesses to implement decentralized technologies, simplify operations with digital assets, and remove obstacles to their adoption.

What is the DS Dashboard? Why is it revolutionizing?

Stobox Digital Securities Dashboard is a comprehensive solution to streamline all operations with tokenized securities. Stobox DS Dashboard is a user-friendly and easy-to-use SaaS customizable branded tokenization platform where you can sell tokenized shares, facilitate secondary trading, whitelist and manage investors, distribute reports, and much more.
  • Automated compliance Built-in smart contracts enforce rules and regulations in the dashboard.
  • Decentralized technology Distribution, management, and transfer of digital securities function on the blockchain.
  • A separate customizable infrastructure that can be fully adjusted according to your company’s needs.
  • DS Dashboard is optimized for two unique environments. One is for corporate management, and the other is for investors and shareholders.
  • There is no need for any special licenses or permissions from regulators to run your own shareholder registry on the blockchain.
For investors:
  • Register
  • See the company profile
  • Pass KYC
  • Invest in security tokens of real businesses
  • Have access to the company’s official reports
  • Have additional income from dividends or other benefits (depending on the project’s offering)
  • Stay on the safe side, using 2 layers of security
For companies:
— Manage Dashboard admins and assign roles — Manage investors and security tokens — Verify the potential investor’s identity — Customize the interface by adding logos, social media links, and a company description — List security tokens on DS Swap for further trading
So, in answer to your question, DS Dashboard is a unique tool that has it all under the hood to issue and manage your STO. Currently, we have more than 35 signed clients, and 9 of them are already live.
So why is it revolutionizing?
Because we are providing a turn-key solution and covering all stages of STO: Consulting, Legal, and Tech.
The final stage of the successful process is the launch of trading, where everyone who wants to purchase security tokens can do so following regulatory requirements. We are pleased to announce that we have launched our decentralized exchange, DS Swap.
The fact that we are successfully managing the 4 main stages of asset tokenization makes Stobox a unique company that provides all in-house services. This is an indisputable advantage and the right focus at this stage in the development of the industry. We will take the preparation and launch of service stations for our customers to a whole new level, improving and simplifying processes at all stages of preparation!
Now many understand our main goals and the kind of market we are creating and being part of.

What is the DS Swap?

As you remember, DS stands for Digital Securities. It means that DS Swap is a tool for swapping security tokens against usual crypto. So, now you can not only purchase security tokens using DS Dashboard but also trade them to enjoy additional benefits.
Basically, it is a UniSwap or Pancake Swap but optimized for security tokens (not only usual crypto), which brings in regulatory requirements. Same as for the mentioned swaps, we have our native token, STBU, to pay any gas fees on DS Swap.
Note that you can only trade securities if you have a DS Dashboard account and verify your identity. You must use a whitelisted wallet address to connect and trade security tokens.
No additional verifications are required if you wish to trade only the usual crypto. You connect your wallet and swap as you normally would do on Pancake or Uni.
This makes DS Swap one of the world’s first Decentralized Exchanges optimized for security tokens!
Additional activities like LP mining and staking of crypto will also be included, so with DS Swap, you receive a 3-in-1 solution:
  • Trade security tokens
  • Trade usual crypto
  • Enjoy benefits from LP mining and staking
Read more from our last article —
STBU is a Utility Token issued by Stobox Project, a global company that builds a digital assets ecosystem. Our previous publications discussed the DS Dashboard and DS Swap, why these products are revolutionary, and the milestones.
As you already know, utility tokens work inside one ecosystem and allow the holders to enjoy some benefits. So, in the case of STBU, they are:
  • Burn from commissions on Stobox DS Swap
  • Buy Stobox services and products
  • Use as a way of payment for STBX (Stobox shares)
  • Open a functionality of creating a liquidity pool in DS Swap
  • Participate in the company engagement activities (staking/farming/merch etc.)
The more STOs we release, the more the demand for STBU in our products increases, especially after a successful STO with DS Dashboard when clients go to the secondary market via DS Swap and pay $12.000 in STBU annually. Also, it has a significant value and awareness of the company in general. We are driving the industry and publications on Tier-1 blockchain and financial media.
So, to sum up, every STO client has a significant positive influence on the Stobox company and is complementary to STBU.

What are the traction and unique selling points of Stobox?

Stobox started its journey 4 years ago, and at that time, nobody knew what tokenization and STO meant. Stobox actively contributes to the industry and business education by implementing such innovative technologies. To be honest, we do more than we speak.
For the last few years at Stobox we:
  • Conducted 55.000+ hours invested in BA and building a robust STO process.
  • Signed 35+ corporate clients that are doing STO with Stobox. It’s a great honor, and thanks for trusting Stobox to go through this journey together.
  • Got 70 people working on our project.
  • Released DS Dashboard.
  • Released DS Swap.
  • Recognized as the Startup of the Year 2021 in Los Altos (USA, CA) according to Hackernoon.
  • Rewarded with the “Asset Tokenization of the Year 2019” award at Malta AI & Blockchain Summit.
  • Advised to governments of Ukraine (Ministry of Digital Transformation) and Malta (Digital Innovation Authority) on the development of legislation.
  • Developed the biggest YouTube channel in the tokenization industry and hosted interviews with rock stars from SEC, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange, IBM, etc.
  • Participated in 15+ blockchain conferences.
  • Issued a Book on digital securities in collaboration with Malta Digital Innovation Authorities.
  • Became an active member of the Crypto Valley Association and the Global Digital Finance Association.
  • Partnered with Algorand, Elrond, FireBlocks, Crystal, Certik, etc.
Stobox never sleeps. Our main goal is to become the world’s leading global tokenization and digital assets provider.

Why are so many actions around investing in security tokens?

The Crypto market is evolving. As you know, in 2017, ICO campaigns were on trend. However, 99.9% of them failed due to unclear regulations. Then we saw IEO, IDO, ILO, and many other activities. STO and security tokens are a logical evolution of traditional finance that introducing to Web3 and merging with crypto. We saw and predicted this trend 4 years ago when we started developing the Stobox Project, and now you can see big guys such as Morgan Stanley, tZero, and Bitfiniex entering this market.
Tokenization in general and STOs combining the best practices from all blockchain activities. Through the STO, private companies can tokenize and issue any type of securities on blockchain, it could be equity, bonds, revenue share, participation certificates, etc. In this case, companies running compliant digital crowdfunding campaigns on blockchain and offering shares on the blockchain worldwide. This allows completely online to attract investments from the public, accredited investors, or VCs, and it’s completely changing the paradigm of operating the company with a big trend of shifting online and using such innovative solutions. That’s why we at Stobox provide turn-key tokenization services and our products DS Dashboard for primary issuing and management of security tokens and DS Swap, a secondary market in the form of DEX.
So, security tokens are becoming a great alternative on the red crypto market because they are backed by real assets, for example, real estate. Also, it opens a big market of 99.9% of companies that are private for potential investments from common investors. For instance, would you like to participate in Tesla’s STO three years before its IPO?
Security tokens are the future of the Financial Markets, and we are just at the beginning. The industry grew by 1.000% from last year. All financial instruments will be tokenized, which is only a matter of time. Stobox continues the development of the industry and makes a big influence and contribution.
You can test how security tokens work on the Stobox example by registering and participating in the Stobox Series A round STO —

How is tokenization different from ICO?

A great question that takes us back to 2017 :)
ICO — Initial Coin Offering, this type of token issuance is more related to the crypto and utility tokens. Utility tokens act as tickets/vouchers inside one ecosystem. For example, to use the New York underground metro station, you must buy a ticket that will be invalid in London, so utility tokens are native tokens inside one system.
Tokenization and Security Token Offering is a legal and compliant way of attracting capital via security tokens that are backed by real assets and running under securities laws.
Utility tokens or coins
No regulation
Highly regulated
Tokens that give you the right only to use them in 1 ecosystem
You become an official shareholder of the company
Not a financial instrument
Can be dividends and voting rights
Usually, no KYC
Backed by real assets
Traded on traditional crypto CEX or DEX
Traded only on regulated CEX with relevant license, or on DEX such as DS Swap
Very risky due to a lot of SCAM!
So, security tokens are a new financial future. They combine and merge traditional finance and crypto. Stobox has its own security tokens that you can buy via its own DS Dashboard.

What is the difference between DS Dashboard and DS Swap?

In the corporate finance industry, you have two stages of your offering:
1 Primary Issuing is when the company provides the possibility to buy shares and have a fundraising goal according to the legal documentation
2 Secondary Market, once the company reaches a fundraising goal, the company has a right to conduct a secondary market.
You can’t run two stages at the same time!
That’s why Stobox developed two different products that are feasible for tokenization.
As you may know from our previous post, DS Dashboard is a SaaS tool for the primary issuing and management of security tokens in two environments (for investors and corporate managers). In this case, the company can efficiently conduct an STO.
Also, as we posted before, DS Swap is one of the first DEX for the secondary market for security tokens. Moreover, DS Swap has the functionality to swap and trade common crypto without the necessity to pass the KYC procedure. In this case, all Stobox clients that successfully conducted STO could open a secondary market for the investors who passed KYC on their dashboards via a liquidity pool on DS Swap.
For example, the Landshare company passed through Consulting and Legal using Stobox services and issued security tokens via the SaaS product DS Dashboard with a fundraising goal of $170.000. Landshare successfully conducted the STO, reached the hard cap, and opened a secondary market via DS Swap for all investors who passed KYC on the Landshare Dashboard.

Why should I pass KYC every time?

Based on the Stobox Educational Series, you already know DS Dashboard is a SaaS product. It means that all Stobox clients have different Dashboards with their logos as styles. Passing KYC for each project to participate in STO or any other web3 services is really challenging; that’s why the Stobox Team is currently working on using NTT to resolve these challenges. Stobox will be one of the first projects that will develop and implement NTT Soul Bound tokens.
Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) or Non-Transferrable Tokens (NTTs) are similar to NFTs, except that they cannot be transferred once minted. They cannot be bought, sold, or traded. SBTs can be used to store verifiable credentials, i.e., personal identity and social data.
Stobox currently helps develop SoulB ID that we can implement in our products. In this case, all Stobox investors will pass KYC 1 time and use their whitelisted wallet in the Stobox Ecosystem. Also, with the development and progress of the SouldB ID project, you will be able to use your KYC in other Web3 crypto projects.

What does “New Stobox client is live” mean?

Basically, this means that the huge work to set up an STO was completed. The STO process takes approximately 2 -4 months for one client. We have a big team of 70+ people working on the Stobox project.
If the client goes live, it means that he passed:
⚫ Stage 1 (Consulting) Defining the type of security, corporate structure, pitfalls, regulation, the financial structure of the token, etc., that suits the client’s needs the best.
⚫ Stage 2 (Legal) Preparation of all necessary legal drafts for STO process, including Private Placement Memorandum, Privacy Notice, AML policies, Security Token Purchase Agreement, etc.
⚫ Stage 3 (Technical set-up) Smart-contract development, SaaS platform DS Dashboard deployment
⚫ Stage 4 (Secondary Market) Listing on DS Swap for the secondary market of the security tokens
So, the STO is a long journey, and it is a pleasure and honor for Stobox to help private companies tokenize their assets and reach business goals.
The more STOs we release, the more the demand for STBU in our products increases, especially after a successful STO with DS Dashboard clients go to the secondary market via DS Swap and pay in STBU annually. Also, it has a significant recognition, value, and awareness of the company.

When will it be possible to invest in any security token via one Dashboard?

As we posted before, DS Dashboard is a customizable SaaS product. It means that all Stobox clients have different Dashboards with their logos as styles. Why did we choose this business model?
If you have one platform where you connect investors and an issuer, in this case, you offer a 3rd party's securities on the primary issuing and become a financial intermediary. It means that the company needs to obtain a broker-dealer/transfer agent/crowdfunding license in each country where you are looking to target investors. It takes a lot of time and money. That’s why we are running our Tech services in the form of SaaS.
According to our RoadMap, we intend to obtain such a license in the future. It will allow Stobox to offer different security tokens via one Dashboard.
Please note that we have released the DS Swap, which is optimized for trading security tokens. If you passed KYC in the Stobox client’s Dashboards, you could participate in the secondary market via one application — DS Swap.
We are growing and gaining traction and building the industry. Join the Stobox Ecosystem! What do you think about investments in security tokens via one Dashboard?

Where can I find information about your clients and their dashboards?

As you may know from our educational posts, Stobox currently has more than 40 signed clients that trust the Stobox Company and are doing STO with us. Some of them are in different pipelines (Consulting/Legal/Tech). Ten of them are live, including Stobox.
You can find a list with a link to their DS Dashboards below:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
    Mariana Mining
  4. 4.
    SGG Willows
  5. 5.
  6. 6.
    Green Mining DAO
  7. 7.
    RMCG Digital
  8. 8.
    PowerShift Properties
  9. 9.
    REtokens LLC
  10. 10.
    Cash Flow Coin
Please note that Landshare has already reached a hard cap using Stobox services and tech and started the 2nd offering for a new property. Congratulations!
Also, Stobox released one of the world's first DEX optimized for security tokens, DS Swap, with the first Landshare security token listed. Together with Landshare company, Stobox is conducting the world's first case of the secondary trading of security tokens on Binance Smart Chain using DS Swap DEX! STBU is used as a native token.

What is the demand for STO? Is your number of clients increasing? What is your target?

Tokenization is an emerging market, so you can’t survive without being creative and innovative. At Stobox, we help our clients issue shares, which is a significant and responsible step in any company, and create new modern business models.
There are many reasons why tokenization is trending due to COVID-19, a war in Ukraine, and the global trend to move from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. First, you have to understand that tokenization is a trillion-dollar market. There is more than $5 trillion worth of real estate globally.
Besides this, tokenization suits many other industries, such as investment funds, natural resources, and many other private businesses. In the last year, the demand for tokenization has grown by more than 1.000%, so SMEs now have a big request to use such innovative tools for their business.
Every 2 weeks, Stobox publishes infographics about the industry. You can find the doc with all publications here.
Based on the Stobox Company OKR, we have a target to close 60 deals on STO. Currently, we have already signed 40 deals from 60. The number of clients is definitely increasing, and you can see that new Stobox clients go live every week.

Can you tokenize just anything?

Tokenization is a comprehensive concept that can be used in many directions. As you may know from our previous posts, tokenization is a solution that divides the ownership of an asset (such as a building) into digital tokens.
Tokenization is feasible for many industries, for instance, e-commerce, NFT, securities, loyalty programs, database records, NTT, banking, KYC/AML, etc.
If the question was regarding the tokenization of securities (STO), it mainly works for the following industries:
  • Real Estate
  • Financial Services
  • Startups
  • Energy and natural resources
  • Manufacturing
  • Gaming
  • Art & collectibles
Also, there are new concepts such as tokenization of time and personal securities.
Answering the question, yes, technically, you can tokenize anything. The critical point is the legality and common sense of these actions. That’s why we in Stobox provide consulting services to introduce private companies to these emerging innovative solutions.

Are you going to burn STBU?

As you know, Stobox has 2 blockchain products live — DS Dashboard and DS Swap. Also, we have a security token, STBX, and a utility token, STBU.
DS Swap is one of the world's first decentralized exchanges for security tokens, with the first security token onboarded, the one of the Landshare Project. Together with Landshare company, Stobox conducted the first case of security tokens' secondary trading in the world on Binance Smart Chain using DEX!
STBU is used as a native token of the ecosystem. On DS Swap, we have the following commission structure.
  • Total fee — 0.3%;
  • Liquidity fee — 0.22%;
  • Treasury fee — 0.03%;
  • STBU Burn fee — 0.05%.
So, Stobox plans to burn STBU tokens every quarter. In a few months, we will consider increasing STBU commissions based on the clients' and the Stobox community feedback.