Error messages explained

This page is aimed to explain what error messages mean and what you should do to solve it.

This field is required

This error wants to say that you cannot leave this field blank. Please enter the required information.

Your confirmation code is expired

For security reasons, the confirmation code is valid for 2 minutes. If a postal service brought you the email with a code later than that or you were distracted for some reason, so the confirmation code was expired, you can request a new code at any time by clicking the Resend link below.

Incorrect email pattern

This error means that the email address that you have entered differs from the usual email address format, e.g. you missed the @ symbol (I sometimes type too fast and enter 2 instead of @), or you mistype the domain name or extension, for example, "glaim" instead of "gmail" or "cm" instead of "com."
Note that if you copy and paste your email address, you should also be careful and avoid spaces before or after it because the system also considers it an email pattern error.
Make sure to double-check your email address and enter it correctly because you will receive confirmation codes each time you want to log in or update some information. Also, an Issuer might need to send you some emails and you should be able to receive them.

Please input valid information

This kind of error usually might mean that you've -
  • entered numbers where the letters should come
  • entered lower case where CAPS only should come
  • left space in front of the text or after it