Soulbound ID Troubleshooting

I don’t receive a confirmation code.

Please note that despite all our tries, we could not locate the issue on our end. We receive codes all the time, no matter which email domain we use. It's hard to fix something if you can't locate the issue to examine the reason. We think the reasons may include third-party mailing services issues or your mailing service settings.

At this moment, we can advise:

  1. Check the Spam or Junk folder.
  2. Check the Promo folder in Gmail.
  3. See any previous email threads in Gmail.
  4. Ensure to check all the folders if you are using a mobile mailing app. They may have more folders for spam to separate from the web version.
  5. Ensure that you write your email correctly using English letters only. Not that you start to type the email address in your native language in Latin layout and then switch to English. For computer systems, it is a different set of symbols.
  6. Check your email settings for Spam. Some people have settings or filters that automatically delete any emails received in the Spam folder.
  7. Try using a VPN service (or disabling it).

See the video about changing the password: Reset password in SBID account. You will see that the code is delivered to the previous email thread on Gmail.

Note that confirmation codes are valid for 2 minutes for security reasons. If they are expired, you can click the link to resend a new code.


My KYC was not verified. What should I do?

Click the Contact us button on the popup message about the KYC decline. Let us know your name as shown in your identity document. We will reach out to our KYC provider to check for your decline reason and see if we can help anyway.


  1. Stobox is not a KYC provider. We are the tokenization technology provider. We use authorized KYC/AML provider integration for our products. It is clearly indicated on the website and during the KYC process.
  2. The KYC/AML provider does not always disclose the reason for declining the KYC due to their policies.
  3. We can not affect our professional KYC/AML provider's decisions.

My credit card payment failed.

Please ensure that your credit card does not have any restrictions for internet payments, you do not exceed any limits, etc.

Contact your bank for this information.

I changed my email address in Coinset. I registered on the SBID website with the new email but didn’t see my account.

At this moment, there is no process to change the email in place. The team will examine its risks due to the highest security risks - as you remember, SBID grants access to financial instruments such as investing in security tokens and real-world assets.

I forgot to enter my friend’s/leader’s referral code during registration. Can you help?

You will have a limited period of time to fix it in your SBID account’s settings.

Stay tuned for the news.

I can’t connect MetaMask.

Mostly there are two reasons for it:

  1. Wrong network. The default network of MetaMask is Ethereum Mainnet, so when you install it you have this network first. If you try to connect it to the app that operates with another network, MetaMask will ask you to add that network or switch to it. If you cancel this action by accident or for any other reason, you will see an error that you could not connect the wallet.
  2. Internal issue of MetaMask. In this case, switch the network inside the wallet manually and try again. Alternatively, disconnect the wallet from the website and try connecting it again.

I am KYC-verified, but I can’t mint.

Contact support at and send us detailed information about your SBID account, its email address, your name as shown in the identity document and a screenshot of the SBID account or even better the video so we can see what happens when you try to mint.

MetaMask shows extremely high gas fees. Should I pay?

No. MetaMask attracts your attention to some issues this way.

Normally, you will also see an additional error message. Mostly, it is about insufficient balance or network congestion.

  • If it is about the insufficient balance, ensure you have enough native tokens of the network to pay the gas fee. For example, BNB for BNB Smart Chain.
  • If it is about network congestion, you can click the Edit link and choose the aggressive way, i.e., pay higher gas gee. Note that it still does not guarantee a successful transaction.

I minted an SBID token but I don’t see it in my SBID account.

It may mean that you have not actually minted it. Contact support at, report your issue, and send us your wallet address checking.

Minting of SBID consists of 2 transactions. Sometimes, when you start the process, the first, initiating transaction, started but then the network gets congested and the process is not finalized.

In this case, you need to wait until the system gets back to normal and try again.

No one can affect the network and neither we can help you if this is the case.

Why do I see this screen in my account?


It means you selected a Country not listed option, i.e., your country is absent from the country list but you still decided to register.

I don’t see my SOULB balance/free SBID/KYC-approved account.

This issue is fixed. If you still don't see your correct SBID account, clear your browser’s or MetaMask app’s cache and refresh the page. If it doesn’t help, raise a ticket at from your SBID-registered email address.

If you don't see your balance, your free SBID, or your KYC-approved account, the reason is that for the system, login via email and password and login via the Google button were two different logins and different accounts, even if you use the same address.

Follow the steps below to find your login option.

  1. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies. Note that clearing cookies will log you off from any websites you are logged into.
  2. Refresh the page.
  3. Log in to your SBID account using your email address and password.
  4. If it doesn’t show your balance and a free SBID, log out.
  5. Log in back using the Google button.

Try both options to see which one works for you.

Note that if you use a mobile device, we recommend using a built-in MetaMask browser. At the same time, due to a recent update from Google, the Google button in MetaMask does not work. Since we can’t affect it, we disabled it until it is fixed. In case you understand that you need to use the Google button, try other mobile browsers or other devices.