Stobox Knowledge Base | V.3.0
Stobox Knowledge Base | V.3.0

Stobox Knowledge Base | V.3.0

This website helps you find any information you need about Stobox, its activities, and products; guidelines for our products; and details about tokenization and Stobox tokens.

Learn how to benefit from tokenization

Stobox experts will provide professional consulting services on the best practices of business tokenization, taking into account your specific case.

Find out the ways to raise capital

Learn how to target a wider range of investors, raise capital, and leverage tokenization and Web3 technologies.

Get professional consulting services

Get a comprehensive understanding of how your business can benefit from tokenization and the best applications of digital assets in your particular case.

Stobox Products


Stobox DS Dashboard

Comprehensive, user-friendly, and easy-to-use SaaS solution; a customizable branded tokenization platform where businesses can sell their tokenized shares, facilitate secondary trading, whitelist and manage their investors, distribute reports, etc.

Investor’s Guide

How to register, verify your identity, invest, and manage your account.

Issuer’s Guide

How to access a Corporate Dashboard, manage the team and investors, work with security tokens, and manage your project.


Stobox DS Swap

Comprehensive, user-friendly, and easy-to-use SaaS solution; a customizable branded tokenization platform where businesses can sell their tokenized shares, facilitate secondary trading, whitelist and manage their investors, distribute reports, etc.

DS Swap Guide

How to swap, add and remove liquidity. How to trade security tokens.


Get an STBU Card to pay with STBU worldwide with a virtual or physical card.


Soulbound ID

Introducing Web3 identities for legally compliant access to security tokens and decentralized finance.

How to get your Soulbound ID [SBID] v2.0



Stobox Digital Assets

Stobox Security Token [STBX]

STBX is a security token, a tokenized dividend share of the US-based company Stobox Technologies Inc.

What benefits can you get from STBX?

Security tokens have significant potential in the red crypto market. As we explained in our blog post, they are backed by real assets and give certain rights to investors.

The purchase of STBX makes you a shareholder of Stobox Technologies Inc. and entitles you to dividends and capital appreciation. Stobox has transferred 100% of the company`s equity into security tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. Therefore, its value can only be influenced by Stobox’s market valuation.

  • Dividend share
  • You can expect price appreciation if the company develops well
  • Closed community
  • Enhanced quarter and annual reporting

We manage STBX purchases via our proprietary SaaS Platform, Stobox DS Dashboard.

Does STBX have any exposure?

Yes, it is listed on an STO Market, a go-to website for investors to learn about new exciting projects and gather market data.

To purchase Stobox Security Token
  1. Register on the Stobox DS Dashboard;
  2. Verify your identity;
  3. Start investing.

Stobox Token [STBU]

Stobox token or STBU is a community utility token utilized in the Stobox ecosystem. Participate in the company’s activities, and get benefits.

What benefits can you get from the Stobox token?

If you hold STBU, you can:

  • Pay commissions on Stobox DS Swap
  • Buy Stobox services and products
  • Open a functionality of creating a liquidity pool in DS Swap
  • Participate in the company engagement activities
  • Burn from commissions on Stobox DS Swap

We believe in community-driven business and benefit its members!

How is STBU related to STO and DS Swap?

The more STOs we release, the more the demand for STBU in our products increases. It becomes obvious when clients successfully close their STO using DS Dashboard, proceed to the secondary market via DS Swap, and pay $12.000 in STBU annually. Also, it has a significant value and awareness of the company in general. We are driving the industry and publication on Tier-1 blockchain and financial Media. To summarize, every STO client significantly influences the Stobox company and is complementary to STBU.

To buy STBU, choose between CEX and DEX
  1. Register and verify on, or Connect your MetaMask to DS Swap or UniSwap;
  2. Buy tokens.
Audit reports

Tokenization for Business

What is tokenization?

Generally, within the context of blockchain technology, tokenization is the process of creating a digital token usable on a blockchain application.

At Stobox, under “tokenization,” we mean the process of issuing specifically a security token that digitally represents a real tradeable asset. In many ways, it is similar to the traditional securitization process, with a modern twist. Moreover, unlike traditional securities, private companies can also benefit from tokenization.

What are Security Tokens?

Security tokens, or securities, are tokenized shares or any other Issuer’s corporate securities. They are not usual crypto.

A security token represents some external tradeable asset in the blockchain world. It may represent real estate, company securities, precious materials, etc.

What is a Security Token Offering (STO)?

STO stands for a Security Token Offering. It is a compliant digital crowdfunding campaign to fundraise or distribute company shares to existing investors. STO is a very regulated process that runs under security laws. The main idea is to allow small investors to participate in the offering from $100 and benefit from it.

For many years businesses printed paper shares and traded them on stock exchanges. It is an expensive and time-consuming process for businesses, but it also limits the number of their investors. Now that we have such a perfect and transparent tool as blockchain, businesses look into this new opportunity and Security Token Offerings (STO) as a fundraising option.

What are the key points of security tokens?

  • Security tokens are highly regulated.
  • They can represent any type of security (equity, bonds, revenue shares, etc.)
  • Some security tokens assume a lock-up, and it's only possible to trade them after buying.
  • High security. Due to heavy regulation, there are fewer chances to come across scams while investing in security tokens.
  • A smart contract allows issuers to set up the rights of the issued securities.

Which businesses are eligible for STO?

Both private and public companies can set up an STO, unlike with usual shares, where only public companies are eligible. Currently, we can see most of the demand from the following industries:

  • Real Estate
  • Financial Services
  • Startups
  • Energy and natural resources
  • Manufacturing

How does tokenization help to raise capital?

  • Investors are not restricted in terms of their location.
  • Investors enjoy a lower point of entry in terms of budget.
  • Issuers can set up several STOs with several tokens and different conditions for investors.
  • Issuers retain voting power.
  • The world’s first decentralized exchange for security tokens attracts more investors as it offers additional profit for them.

What is the process of tokenization?

Launching an STO is a standard process and may vary slightly depending on the jurisdiction of choice. The essential part remains the same: everything is tied to the offering type and whether it requires registration.

The process takes each client 2 to 4 months in total, and we do our best to cut this timeline and deliver faster. However, some of the steps may require more time than we would want due to reasons that are out of our control, i.e., the slow process of establishing an SPV for the project.

Launching an STO consists of the below steps.

Start. Free 30-minute Consultancy Call

Use the link to schedule a free 30-minute consultancy call to discuss your project expectations and ask your initial questions to understand if the tokenization fits your business and learn the major milestones.

Stage 1. Consulting

Where we, together with our respected client, define the type of security, your corporate structure, pitfalls, regulation, the financial structure of the security token, etc., and ensure it suits the client's needs the best.

Stage 2. Legal

Where all necessary legal drafts for the STO process, including Private Placement Memorandum, Privacy Notice, AML Policy, Terms of Use and Security Token Purchase Agreement, etc., are prepared and finalized.

Stage 3. Technical set-up

This is when the smart contract is developed, and the DS Dashboard, our SaaS platform, is deployed. The client must submit three online forms to define their environment, security token specifications, and STO settings. The online forms also assume you have ready logos, images, and links to your finalized legal documents, such as Privacy Notice, AML policies, Terms of Use, and Security Token Purchase Agreement, because you must upload them into the forms.

To help you understand which information is needed, we have Guide documents for each online form. You can use them as your drafts, so by the time you submit online forms, you have finalized information and any required links and files at hand and can complete the process quickly.

Stage 4. Secondary Market

DS Swap is one of the world's first decentralized exchanges optimized for security tokens on the BSC network!

Once the STO is closed and your hardcap target is hit, you can list your security token on DS Swap to open the secondary market, create and manage liquidity pools and add automated market-making functionality with respect to regulations and compliance.

So, the STO is a long journey, and it is a pleasure and honor for Stobox to help private companies tokenize their assets and reach business goals.

Read more in our Blog post, Successful STO: a step-by-step guide.



Stobox exists at the intersection of traditional finance and crypto. It strives to enable businesses to implement decentralized technologies, simplify operations with digital assets, and remove obstacles to their adoption.

Stobox works in 3 directions:

Tokenization & Security tokens

We help private companies issue tokenized securities on primary and secondary markets with our turn-key solutions. It includes Consulting, Legal, DS Dashboard, and DS Swap. Also, we have STBX security tokens representing shares of Stobox Technologies Inc.

Digital Assets & Cryptocurrencies

We help other businesses implement innovative business models using Web3 technologies. We have STBU utility tokens, native tokens of the Stobox ecosystem. In addition, we work and partner with various crypto projects, such as Blockstream, Elrond, and many more.

Conferences and Education

We constantly publish educational posts and videos about tokenization & crypto and how it changes the world and drives the industry forward. In fact, we are the most active tokenization provider and recently hit 10.000 subscribers on our YouTube channel. We also published on Cointelegraph, Benzinga,, NDT US TV, etc. Moreover, we organize our own conferences supported by speakers from NASDAQ, LSEG, etc. As the last point, we work closely with regulators worldwide to help implement laws related to security tokens.

What are Stobox's vision, mission, and values?

A Mission Statement defines the company's business, objectives, and approach to reaching those objectives.


To be the ultimate gateway to the world of the upcoming tokenization of assets and securities evolution and progress.


We work to enable businesses to implement decentralized blockchain technologies, simplifying operations with tokenized assets and securities and removing the obstacles to their adoption.

Top values include
Promotion of innovations and tech evolution

We work to implement decentralization and further benefits of web-3 technologies such as freedom, transparency, and the absence of intermediaries.

Implementation of new business models

Applying such decentralized technologies, we develop and assist in implementing new business models.

Simplification of processes

Tokenized assets and securities should be easily accessible and manageable for everyone.

Promotion of community-driven businesses

The community appears from day one alongside the business. It consists of customers and investors, and the community largely defines the purpose of the business as one of the company's principal stakeholders. The more in sync the community and business are — the more results they get.

How can we ensure Stobox is a qualified service provider?

Stobox is a recognized expert in the field of tokenization. We provide services to more than 30 business clients, 13 of them are already live with their Security Token Offerings.

Stobox is an evident decentralized technology provider and an STO consultant and proudly holds the “Asset tokenization of the Year 2019” award at the Malta Blockchain Awards.

Where can I find out more about Stobox clients?

In which countries does Stobox provide services?

Stobox Technology Inc., a US-based company, and its subsidiaries in the British Virgin Islands, UAE, and Ukraine operate in many countries with the necessary legal and regulation grounds to provide this kind of service in place. All our operations comply with local regulations and follow KYC/AML policies and directives.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will check if we can offer you our help in your jurisdiction and your country specifically.

What benefits do Stobox DAO members have?

Become a DAO member to:

  • Have access to exclusive information in VIP Private Stobox DAO Members Group
  • Share thoughts and initiatives with Stobox Founders and Team Members
  • Examine and participate in STO projects introduced by Stobox
  • Participate in various investment opportunities initiated by Stobox and more!
How do I become a Stobox DAO member?

Read our Medium post to learn how our DAO is ruled and how you can become its member.

Helpful Hints

Blockchain Wallet

Download, install, and connect a blockchain wallet. Add addresses, networks, and tokens.


Find answers and solutions to the most common issues with the DS Dashboard and DS Swap.

2FA Protection

Enhance your DS Dashboard security. Add an additional layer of security, 2FA protection.


Tokenization and blockchain vocabulary.


Why is the Stobox DS Dashboard revolutionizing?

DS Dashboard is called revolutionizing because of the below features.

  • Automated compliance, where built-in smart contracts enforce rules and regulations in the DS Dashboard.
  • Decentralized technology allows for the distribution, management, and transfer of digital securities function on the blockchain.
  • A separate customizable infrastructure can be fully adjusted according to your company's needs.
  • Two unique environments are on board. One is for corporate management, and the other is for investors and shareholders.
  • No need for any special licenses or permissions from regulators to run your shareholder registry on the blockchain.
Why is identity verification critically important in tokenization?

Security tokens are tokenized shares of real businesses. When you purchase security tokens, you receive legally recognized and officially emitted securities issued by an officially registered and structured company, fully compliant with all the regulators and applicable laws. Therefore, they are heavily regulated and cannot be purchased or held anonymously, so verifying your identity is a must to become a legal investor.

Attention US residents:

In most cases, Issuers can accept investments from US residents under Reg D, rule 506(c), only if they prove their accredited investor status. Some Issuers accept up to 35 retail US resident investors, while others do not accept any investments from any US residents upon their choice of the exemption regime. There also may be similar requirements for some other countries, e.g., Canada.

Please check with the Issuer about their options before registering and investing.

Note that you should verify your identity to

  • see the Issuer company's documents.
  • see your limits
  • connect your wallet
  • invest
Why should I verify my identity each time?

The reason for that is the same: security tokens are tokenized shares of real businesses and are heavily regulated.

We realize that verifying the identity in every STO or any other Web3 service you want to participate in can be challenging. That's why Stobox developed a Soulbound ID NTT to resolve this challenge. We are one of the first companies that implemented NTT Soulbound tokens in real cases.

Soulbound tokens (SBTs) or Non-Transferrable Tokens (NTTs) are similar to NFTs, except that they cannot be transferred once minted. You can't buy, sell or trade them. SBTs' only purpose is to store verifiable credentials, i.e., personal identity and social data.

With Soulbound ID, Stobox investors can verify their identity once and use their whitelisted wallet address across the Stobox Ecosystem. As the Soulbound ID project develops and progresses, you can use it in other Web3 crypto projects.

I use a mobile device. Can I use the Dashboard on a mobile device?

We have a mobile view implemented for the Investor’s Dashboard, so you can register, log in, verify your identity, and invest using your mobile device. However, the mobile view is unavailable for the Corporate DS Dashboard.

The system determines where to use a mobile view depending on the diagonal screen. If your laptop's screen is small enough, you will see the mobile view too.
Why do I need a blockchain wallet for identity verification?

You need a blockchain wallet for two reasons:

1. Security tokens exist on the blockchain. Hence, you need a blockchain wallet to store your security tokens, even if you pay for them in USD, EUR, or any other accepted currency.

Security tokens are NOT common crypto. Read more about the difference.

2. You are the only person to control the private keys of your wallet, so the wallet address also serves as another way to identify you on the blockchain as a verified Dashboard account owner.

This is why we require your wallet address at the first step of the identity verification process.

It is prohibited to use an address from your crypto exchange account because you do not hold a private key for that address.

See the guidelines about downloading a blockchain wallet, creating an address, adding the networks, etc., in our Blockchain Wallet section.

How to create an account?
Where can I find my wallet address?

Contact us