Stobox DS Swap

The decentralized secondary market for security tokens and cryptocurrencies
Stobox DS Swap is a unique DeFi liquidity solution for security tokens and crypto assets. DS Swap provides security tokens issuers the solution to manage liquidity pools and automated market-making functionality.

Key features

Secondary trading of security tokens

DS Swap enables secondary trading of security tokens in accordance with international regulations and compliance procedures. Operations with security tokens are permitted only for users who successfully verified their identities.

Traditional crypto assets swap

Decentralized exchange supports the circulation not only with tokenized assets but also with traditional cryptocurrencies. We are implementing a bridge between traditional companies and the decentralized finance market by unlocking secondary trading for multiple token types.

0-fee for security tokens swaps

DS Swap fees depend on the type of digital assets: security token or utility/other. For security tokens trading fees and commissions are set to 0. Swap fees for non-security tokens are set to 0.3% of the trade volume and split between LP holders, reserve funds, and the burning mechanism of Stobox Token.

Integration with Stobox DS Dashboard

DS Swap functionality may be enabled for every Stobox STO client within the DS Dashboard environment. Customized, opt for selected corporate security tokens. DS Swap does not allow non-validated participants to provide liquidity for secondary trading of security tokens.

Corporate rules enforcement

DS Swap technology applies unique audited smart contracts that allow trading operations with security tokens in accordance with the requirements of the issuer itself. The possibility of applying corporate rules in relation to the secondary circulation of security tokens.

Multichain compatibility

DS Swap is compatible with any Ethereum-Virtual-Machine blockchain, which reduces the costs of making your shares or corporate securities tradable.

Supported blockchains

  • Ethereum
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Polygon