BNB tokens

BNB tokens

All chains have their native tokens. On the Ethereum Mainnet, they are Ether (ETH) tokens; on the BNB Smart Chain, they are BNB tokens; and on the Polygon Mainnet, they are MATIC tokens, etc. You use them to pay the gas fees on the blockchain.

A gas fee is a commission that networks charge for processing your transactions. It is not the Stobox platform or any of Stobox's clients. The network charges it. The gas fee is charged even if the transaction fails for some reason because it still does its best to process your transaction.

The gas fee fluctuates and depends on the network conditions and the price of the native token of the network.

Note that gas fees are never refunded.

BNB tokens are native tokens of the BNB Smart Chain, so you need them to pay gas fees on the BNB Smart Chain.

You pay the gas fee each time you send tokens on the BNB Smart Chain or mint an SBID token.

The gas fee fluctuates and depends on many aspects, such as network conditions and the price of the native token. At the moment when we wrote this post, to mint an SBID token, you need around 1.21 USD equivalent of BNB tokens. However, if the BNB token price increases, the gas fee will be higher.

If your MetaMask shows extremely high gas fees, e.g., $100.00, it pays attention to some issues that may result in a failed transaction. So please read what your wallet says. It often saves you a gas fee, time, and nerve cells.

How to Get BNB?

There are a few options.

1. Transfer from crypto exchanges Centralized crypto exchanges, aka CEX, like Binance,, Huobi, etc., allow you to deposit your money (USD, EUR, GBP, etc.) and use it to buy any listed tokens. Then, you send those tokens to your wallet address, i.e., withdraw them from your exchange account to your wallet account. Crypto exchanges usually require KYC to buy and withdraw crypto.

Decentralized exchanges, or DEXs, like Pancake Swap, Uniswap, etc., allow you to connect your wallet and swap one of your cryptos for another. They don't work with fiat money, so if you don't have other cryptos, look at CEX or check other options.

2. Buy from blockchain wallets

Some wallets, including MetaMask, have the Buy&Sell options with exchanger services onboard. You can use your credit or debit card to buy crypto.

Exchanger options differ from country to country.

Note that they have a minimum purchase limit, so you can't buy anything less than that.


3. For BNB Smart Chain, you can use the Binance Connect to purchase tokens. Note that this option also asks for KYC as an option from the Binance exchange.