See your SBID token

See your SBID token

Honestly, it is not even necessary to import your SBID token to the MetaMask to use it. The Stobox Ecosystem platforms check your SBID via the blockchain when you connect the wallet address. They will not allow you to log in if they don’t find an SBID token on the address.

However, if you want to see your SBID, there are three ways to do it.

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In your MetaMask

See the video instructions [no sound] ⬇️

Or check our text guide with screenshots:

1 In your MetaMask, select the address where you minted an SBID.

2 Ensure the BNB Smart Chain is selected.

3 Copy the SBID contract address 0x70c0625C83F3B22e5cE158A10b781DFa7E461B15. We recommend copying the SBID contract address and writing down the token number first because if you paste the address first and go back to your SBID account for the token number, MetaMask will not remember your steps, and you will have to start from the beginning.

4 In your MetaMask, select the address where you minted an SBID.

5 Ensure the BNB Smart Chain is selected.

6 Write or remember the number of your SBID token ID number. You can see it in your SBID account after the # symbol or in the blockchain.


7 In your MetaMask wallet go to the NFTs section. SBID is not an NFT but its technical standard is the same as NFT: ERC1155. That’s why you need to add it here.


8 Click the Import NFT link.


9 Paste the SBID contract Address 0x70c0625C83F3B22e5cE158A10b781DFa7E461B15 in line 1 and your Token ID (without #) in line 2.

Check and delete any spaces at the end or the beginning of the contact address.

Click the Add button.


10 Now you can see your SBID in your MetaMask wallet.

I try to add my SBID, but it says I’m not an owner. See how to fix it.

On the blockchain

1 Open BscScan and enter your wallet address where your SBID was minted in the search field.


2 Click the Token drop-down menu and choose SBID Personal Investor.


3 You will see your SBID token and its ID number.


Via the OpenSea marketplace

1 Go to the OpenSea marketplace at

2 Connect your MetaMask wallet address where your SBID was minted. You don’t need to pay the gas fee for this operation.


3 Enter your Profile in OpenSea: click the round icon on the top right and choose Profile in the drop-down menu.


4 If you don’t see your SBID on the main page, look into the Hidden section. We don’t know the reasons why OpenSea hides some of the tokens.


5 See your SBID.

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