Pay for your SBID

Pay for your SBID

See the payment options for your SBID.

Note that the price you pay on the SBID website is not a price for a token or a KYC process, and it does not guarantee KYC approval. It means you don’t receive an SBID token immediately after the payment. This price covers the technology of obtaining an SBID token that includes the KYC process using our KYC/AML partner(s) capacity and our technical work on the SBID website and technology to maintain and improve it. This work is continuous and does not depend on whether the provider approves your KYC or not. Hence this price is non-refundable. A free SBID means you can start the process of creating your SBID free of charge. To mint the SBID token you must successfully pass KYC and pay a gas fee for the minting transaction. See who can have a free SBID.

You have the right to a free SBID if…

In other cases, you can

Pay with your SOULB balance
Pay with your SOULB balance

Pay with your credit card



If you have any questions, ask in the Soulbound ID Q&A topic of the Stobox Community. Note that we do not provide support in Telegram, Twitter, Discord, or Reddit groups and channels or DMs/PMs.
  • Email in English from your SBID-registered address only. For security reasons, we can’t assist you if you contact us from any other email address.
  • Everyone must contact us personally.
  • If you don’t read or write English, use Google Translate, Deepl, or any other translation service. It allows us to speed up the process for you.
  • Add as much information as possible. Send us your wallet address, and screenshots. Sometimes we will ask for a video. It allows us to quickly locate the issue and assist you in the best way.
  • Stobox business hours are Monday to Friday 7 AM - 4 PM GMT/UTC in the summer and 8 AM - 5 PM GMT/UTC in the winter. Currently, we don’t provide support at weekends and public holidays.